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Could you say this in English: 'Upon completion of the 4th grade of secondary school, the student qualified for the final paper defense'?

Is 'final paper defense' used in such a way, because the litteral translation of the Croatian word is really 'defense'?

Thanks a lot!
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    Hello duofilii

    I'm afraid your phrase doesn't mean anything to me:(. Perhaps you could explain what you mean by 'final paper defense' - is it something to do with an oral examination?


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    Yes, it does. One part of the final examination to finish the secondary school is to prepare a written paper on a topic chosen from one of the subjects (like a thesis at a university). And then you have to 'defend' your work in front of teachers, that is explain it orally, present your work. For that part we say literally 'final paper defence' - so the real act of orally presenting your final paper.

    Perhaps I could say 'final paper presentation'?


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    I'm familiar with the notion of of a thesis defence or oral defence (AmE: defense) in American universities, where people will actually challenge your points, and you have to defend them verbally. In British university contexts, we would talk about oral exams or vivas (or in full viva voces [viva voci?]). From what you describe, the situation seems less combative (I should hope so, for secondary school), and the terms used in relation to PhDs sound a little too grand. I would certainly go along with final paper presentation.

    Many schools in English-speaking systems have continuous numbering from the first year in primary school, so you might want to consider saying Year/Grade 10 (or whatever is correct) instead of 4th Grade of Secondary School. (However, in Scotland, they say P1, P2, ... for primary schools, and S1, S2, ... for secondary schools.)


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    Thank you so much for a clear definition. I think I'll go with 'presentation', because it is not that combative like at the university, you guessed that right!
    When it comes to the year/grade, perhaps it would be best to say 'final year' of secondary school? Because we have 8 years of primary school, and then 4 of secondary, so this would equal 12th grade? Even though the document will be in English, it will be used by institutions well familiar with the Croatian schooling system so that I could even leave 4th grade?

    Any how, thanks for your help!
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