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Hi everyone! I do speak Spanish but since i've started job-hunting here in Spain I've come across all kinds of phrases that I've just never heard of before and sometimes the intended meaning is a little obscure!!

I simply want to upload a passport photograph together with my completed application, but now I've got to the upload screen there are two required fields to complete:

*Tipo Fotografía:

*Finalidad Fotografía:

Tipo has a drop-down, either Fotografía or Solicitud Escaneada (I went for Fotografía even tho it's a scanned foto... Correct me if i'm wrong!)

But Finalidad Fotografía? I can only work out that it means 'aim of the photograph' but... what do they want me to say? "para la solicitud del puesto?

Or is it a specific way to ask for the date it was taken?

Some help would be great!!!

Thank you :eek:)
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    I would love to help you but you are not giving much information. (at least I need more info!! :)

    Why don´t you copy all the main information they requiere together?, so we will see the context.

    If I see "Tipo de fotografía" in an application form, I would probably write "Fotografia de carnet o tipo carnet"; the meaning of carnet is like your ID or passport.

    But depens on the context if you want it to uploaded in something like infojobs they maybe will ask for the extension .jpg (for example)

    I´ve never seen FINALIDAD FOTOGRAFICA before!!

    i hope this helps you


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    I'm afraid there is no more information I can give you!

    I can only add more background information, it's an online application for a large spanish supermarket chain, and after registering you have the option to complete a 'perfil' (name, address, age etc) a 'solicitud' for a position, and 'añadir fotografia'.

    After I clicked to upload a photograph to my application it brought me to a new page with only 2 'required fields' that needed filling in: tipo fotografía and finalidad fotografía!

    If you, being Spanish, have never heard the phrase then I don't feel so bad at being a little confused!!

    I think I'll just put that it's for the application, and the date just to cover at least 2 possibilities of what they might want me to put...

    Thanks though!
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