Finally I've got to hate you.

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Resa Reader

Senior Member
My question: What does the sentence really mean?

My idea was that it means something like "Finally I should manage to hate you."

Someone else argued that it means "Finally I have managed to hate you."

Who is right?

My idea was that "have got to" is used in the sense of "have to".
  • wandle

    Senior Member
    English - British
    We do not normally use 'finally' in expressing a present obligation or necessity.
    We do use 'finally' in expressing the result of a past process.

    Hence the meaning 'Finally I have come to hate you' is valid.

    Either the meaning 'Finally, I ought to hate you' or 'Finally, I cannot avoid hating you' would involve an unidiomatic use of 'finally'. 'In the end', or 'in the last analysis', would be better.
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