Finally, some of the cats began to grow comfortable around people.

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Hi, everyone. Please read the following.

Cats first started to live around people in Egypt about 6,000~7,000 years ago. Scientists used to believe that people tamed cats to catch mice and protect the grain. However, cats don’t like to be told what to do! Now, scientists believed that cats followed the mice and learned to accept people. Finally, some of the cats began to grow comfortable around people.
(from a test paper)

I wonder if grow in the last sentence could be replaced by feel.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Yes, I would say so.

    In fact, if you're picky about the sentence, "began" is a beginning, and beginnings tend to change into something else, while "grow" suggests an evolution of comfort (a little comfort that grows into more comfort that ends with a cat in your lap). In other words, there are two senses of progression here, so "began to grow" can seem to some people like a redundancy.

    Or maybe I'm just using my microscopic spectacles today. :D

    They do, however, enable me to notice that you tend to use the tilde for an en dash – not good.

    about 6,000~7,000 :cross:
    about 6,000–7,000 :tick: The en dash is read as "to": 6,000 to 7,000


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    Well ... grow in that sentence could be replaced by feel if you wanted to change the meaning.

    For a similar meaning, replace grow by become;).
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