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"Please read the following instructions carefully before completing the International Student Financial Certification Form and submitting evidence of funding."

From the International Student Financial Certification Form which can be read at

Context: If you want to study in the U.S. , you must submit this form to show you or your sponsor has sufficient funds.

Why is it called “ Financial Certification Form” , but not ““Financial Certificate Form”? Is there a subtle difference between these two?
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    Because you are certifying your finances (certification = the act of certifying) , you are not submitting a certificate (= a written document which proves something is true).


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    Financial certification describes the purpose. You are certifying your finances.

    Certificate ia a very general word that references a physical document. "Financial certificate" is a vague, meaningless term by itself.

    You have a piece of paper that relates to finances. How does it relate? We have no idea.


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    A form is a piece of paper or a kind of document and a certificate is a piece of paper or a kind of document. "certificate form" doesn't make much sense.
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