Financial statement 101

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There is a chapter title named "Financial statesment 101:Understanding the Basics of Business Fiance" in the book I read.

Do you know what 101 means?
Is it a popular usage in USA?
  • Monkey F B I

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    English - USA
    It's popular in describing classes and that kind of thing. It means "Basic Financial Statements: Understanding the Basics of Business Finance".

    It means that it's a basic course (or basic advice) on financial statements.


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    American English
    In US colleges and universities, most courses are numbered. They can begin with the number 1 (French 1: introduction to French) or with 101 (French 101: introduction to French). So, a course numbered 101 is generally understood to be an introductory-level course, a course for beginners.


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    The first digit of the course number refers to the level (1=1st year, 2=2nd year, etc.), and "Subject 101" would be the number one 1st year course in that subject, an introductory overview of the subject. In this case the subject being introduced for the beginner is "Financial Statements".
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