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Need your assistance in finding the most appropiate translation for the following: "responsible for keeping the company's credit risk exposure to a minimum by making accurate financial decisions often under pressure and time constraints"

I have tried: Encargado/a de mantener el riesgo de crédito de la compañía al mínimo a través de la toma de adecuadas decisiones financieras con frecuencia bajo presión y tiempo limitado.

Can anyone think of something else?

Thank you in advance for your assistance

  • Sandra

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    I hope the following helps:

    "Es el responsable de mantener al mínimo la exposición de la compañía al riesgo de crédito, mediante la toma de decisiones financieras adecuadas, normalmente bajo presión y restricción de tiempo."

    That sounds like a "Risk Analyst" description role... Am I right?


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    esance said:
    Agree with Sandra but "credit risk" es mejor "riesgo crediticio"
    Saludos, :)

    Mmmm, "riesgo de crédito" and "riesgo crediticio" are the same. But I used to work in the Financial Sector as a Risk Analyst, covering both Market and Credit Risks. These were always treated as:

    Riesgo de Crédito y Riesgo de Mercado

    Although this was already a few years back. But, if things haven't changed I will stick with "Riesgo de Crédito"