Find please ~. Main verb

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lee an

I don't know what is the main verb..

" From the well known photos like the bed tank from Animal Planet's 'Tanked' to photos taken off of other blogs."

Thank you.
  • entangledbank

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    There isn't a main verb. The whole structure is just 'from X to Y'. Was this a label or caption for something, or was it intended to be a complete sentence? We ask you in this forum to tell us where you got sentences, and give us context, so that we can see how the sentence is used.

    lee an

    Thank you for relpy.

    Ican't speaking and write with english.

    I can read english a little.

    Um.. there sentence saw in "tumblr app"

    Tumblr App is smart phone app.

    And category is tropical fish.

    Tumblr can not text to copy.
    so I did typing .

    This web site can't imagine file.

    I can capture a photo. But I can't upload photo in here website.

    I want say to much , but I can't speaking english..

    So i am learning english..

    Thank you for see. ^^
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