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Hello everyone.

In these kinds of sentences, what is the function of "for" ?

Buy the best book for you.
Play the most enjoyable game for you.
Does "for you" refer to the verbs "buy", "play" or refer to "the best book", "the most enjoyable game" ?

I think that it refers to the nouns, not the verbs.
So we can't place them at the beginning.
For you, buy the best book.
For you, play the most enjoyable game.
They seem to be weird to me.
What do you think? Thanks in advance.

(In addition to them, I think that "buy the book which is the best for you", "play the game which is the most enjoyable for you" are better than the ones above.)
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    "Buy the book you like the most" sounds more natural. If you are looking for a sentence in which to use "for you", then I'd say, "this is the game for you".
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