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Hello members,

I've read in a book that there is a sign on the beach that says "Fine for Bathing," whch of course means that swimming is prohibited and if you do, you must pay a fine. To which, the writer at first thought swimming is fine (all right).
I am wondering if there is really such sign. I googled for the sign but found none. Have you ever seen one on a beach?

Thanks in advance.
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    Signs are usually much more clearly stated. "Swimming prohibited subject to fine" is one I have seen. If I got a fine for swimming at a beach with a sign that said "Fine for Bathing" I would fight it in court and probably win!


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    That sounds like a joke to me - a made-up story about a sign someone claimed to see. I've never seen such an opening 'Fine for' on a sign in any sense - you wouldn't use it to mean X is prohibited and fined, and you wouldn't use it to mean X is fine. Penalty signs would have two parts: one statement or notice 'No bathing', 'Bathing is prohibited' or whatever it may say, and a second under it, '£10 penalty', 'maximum fine £10' or whatever. And 'fine' meaning "just great, peachy-keen" is not used on official signs. Maybe 'Open for bathing', 'Bathing zone', 'Suitable for bathing'.
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