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Ciao a tutti,
nel mio testo si parla di pannelli solari e di come sia diventato facile istallarli da soli. Come traduco in questo contesto l'espressione 'finger safe electrical quick nets'?

"You take a utility knife and score it and the stretch wrap falls away and then using only your hands, you slide the panels together and plug the electricals together using finger safe electrical quick nets".

"Si prende un taglierino, si rompe l’imballaggio in plastica e poi, usando solo le proprie mani, si sistemano i pannelli gli uni accanto agli altri e si uniscono i collegamenti elettrici usando ?....salva-dita?
Grazie in anticipo per l'aiuto.

  • Ciao !

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    ho questo:

    IP20 (Finger Safe) ratings
    The NFPA 70E requires that a guard be used to prevent access to voltages above 50 V. Guarding and the installation of insulating barriers must be completed if work is to be performed while the equipment is energized. IP20 is often referred to as the "Finger-Safe" rating for electrical components such as a disconnect fuse holder. It refers to the fact that a probe, the approximate size of a finger, must not be able to access or make contact with hazardous, energized parts. Live parts that could easily be touched while resetting, adjusting, or replacing nearby components must be provided with protection against direct contact to at least the IP20 rating.

    non so se ti aiuterà !