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English - USA
Hi all,

How would you translate "fingerprint submission"? In the U.S., to have the FBI check your criminal record, you have your fingerprints taken, then send the fingerprint data (or a physical card) to the FBI. This is called a "fingerprint submission".

  • Tom Greenhill

    Chinese - Mainland
    指纹提交 sounds a bit weird, since 提交 is a verb. It reads "fingerprint submit" in Chinese. I wonder if there's a good translation for the word "submission".

    I would say "被提交的指纹" (lit. the fingerprint that was submitted). Maybe you might wanna post the complete sentence if that translation doesn't sound good enough to you.
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    Mandarin 國語
    許可證明一般在提交指紋(submitting the fingerprints)三天之後就會自動顯示在移民局系統內
    許可證明一般在指紋提交(the fingerprints are submitted)三天之後就會自動顯示在移民局系統內
    指紋提交指南 ==> 指紋提交 (fingerprint submission) sounds good to me in the right context.
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