finisher and tiebreaker

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Today at dinner I heard a guy say "finisher" and "tiebreaker" regarding a certain dish/food thingie (I wasn't paying close attention).

I am guessing that "finisher" is a slang word for "dessert"? Am I correct? It's a colloquial way of saying dessert?

As for tiebreaker, I have absolutely NO clue whatsoever what it means. Sorry I couldn't provide more context. Like I said I wasn't paying close attention, (busy shoving food in my mouth and such); the only thing I know is that it was said in the context of a dinner and he was referring to some sort of food.

:D Danke.
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    "Finisher" is used, in pig farming, to refer to the food fed to pigs to fatten them up right before they're slaughtered.
    "Finishing" can refer to all the final steps of taking care of the pig before it is slaughtered, and "finisher" can also be used to refer to these pigs.


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    In reference to a meal, yes, a "finisher" is dessert, but I don't hear this very often.

    My guess for the context of the "tiebreaker" comment is that the man was trying to decide which dish from the meal was best (my dad does this a lot) and couldn't decide until he ate the "tiebreaker," which was by far better than the others.

    I hope that helps!
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