finite vs. non-finite clause

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    someone could tell me what is the difference between a finite and a non finite clause??
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    Finite clause = llevan un verbo conjugado en un tiempo (presente, pasado, futuro, etc)
    -He wrote a letter to me

    Non finite clause = llevan un verbo en forma de infinitivo, participio o gerundio
    -Having said that, (non finite clause), he went out (finite clause)
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    I have another doubt abou non-finite clauses. I have some notes which say that a clause containing a verb phrase which has a non-finite form of a verb is a non-finite clause... I have found many instances for finite-clauses but they are always simple tenses, what about present continuous or perfect?
    "I am reading a book" or "I have read a book" are finite or non finite?.
    Please I need an answer before next sunday when I have the exam!! :(

  4. Agró

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    Non finite: formas impersonales del verbo (infinitivo, gerundio y participio).

    El present continuous, el past continuoous, el present perfect, el past perfect, los futuros... son finite forms (formas personales) porque se conjugan (persona, número, tiempo, aspecto, etc.).
  5. valjean76 Member

    muchas gracias ;)
    hay muchos sitios donde habia encontrado que una oracion llevando una forma non finite, ya era una non-finite clause, aunque formara parte de un sintagma verbal complejo...
    gracias again

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