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    Could anyone tell me how pronounce correctly a sound represented in proper Finno-Ugric Transcription as š́ - voicless laminal tense sybilant with heavy palatalization? Could it be related to IPA or rather [ʃ] or [ɕ], of course with palatalization?

    Link to the original Finno-Ugric Transcriptinon chart as below:

    By the way, the word which I would like to know how to pronounce is "omtäš́" from Selkup language.

    Thanks in advance for all help.
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    Hi yogsothoth24,

    I know almost nothing about Selkup, but I think the letter š generally corresponds to the IPA character ʃ, representing an alveopalatal fricative. In the article on Selkup from The Uralic Languages (Abondolo ed., 1998), the transcription šj is used for the Selkup sound you're talking about, which suggests that it's simply a palatalized [ʃ], i.e., [ʃ] pronounced with the blade of the tongue touching the palate.

    The article also mentions that

    (The Uralic Languages, p.552)

    "Cacuminal" is another word for "retroflex"; what I wrote above as "[š.]" is actually [š] with a dot below it in the original, but I wasn't able to find this character in my fonts.

    By the way, I think this thread should be moved to a different forum, because the question is about Selkup rather than Finnish.
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    Thanks for information! I know that Finnish forum is not exactly proper place for this discussion, but there is no general "Uralic" forum here, so I've decided to place my post here.
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    Thread moved toEHL.

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