"Fiquei sabendo" and "tu vai ve só" + others

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  1. Giles123 New Member

    America, English
    Hi everybody, Thanks so much for all your help so far

    I'm having some problems once again with internet spoken brasilian portuguese. The phrases are as follows:

    Fiquei sabendo que tu falo umas coisas pra ela!
    só se liga viu Maria, vai fica falando merda pra ela que tu vai ve só.

    From this I am getting I knew that you said something to her.

    If she calls, Maria, go tell her shit (i dont know what this means) , that you will see alone??? - obviously i am having extreme difficulties. I am just a begginner and I'm trying to learn with very little help besides a dictionary so any help would be very appreciated. Thanks.

    Could anyone help me out. Thank you so much.
  2. batmacumba Member

    Brazil, Portuguese
    Fiquei sabendo: I got to know, I have been told
    que: that
    tu: you
    falo: there's a "u" missing, it'd be "falou", which means spoke
    umas: some, a few
    coisas: things
    pra: to
    ela: her

    só: just, only
    se liga: be aware
    viu: literally, "saw", but in Brazil we use it as "okay?"
    vai: go on
    fica falando merda: keep talking nonsense
    vai ve só: here, "ve" should have a "r" at the end, "ver", "to see". Sth like "you'll suffer the consequences".

    I heard that you told her a few things!
    Just be aware, okay, Maria, go on, keep talking shit that you will suffer the consequences

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