Fired / Dismissed

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which of these would say or use?

Is a difference between AE and BE?

you'll be dismissed= estarás despedido ( de tu trabajo)
you'll be fired= estarás despedido (de tu trabajo)

  • horsewishr

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    English (Generic Midwest Variety)
    In general, to be "dismissed" means to be allowed to leave. For example: "The children will be dismissed from class at 3:00." If I were dismissed from work, I would assume that I still have a a job, but that I wasn't needed at that particular moment.

    Although dismissed CAN mean fired, the term is more vague. If you want to fire someone, you should say "You're fired!," not "You're dismissed." (Just so there will be no misunderstanding ;) )


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    Yankee English
    They mean the exact same thing in this context. Dismiss is a bit more formal.
    As far as BE AE, I reckon it probably is less common in North America, but it's certainly used.
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