Fires Brigade


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Fires Brigade

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A military unit consisting of multiple artillery battalions and their supporting units.

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not the same as fire brigade.

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army times newpaper. lawton OK newspaper

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    Welcome, and thank you for this contribution. :)

    We need actual examples of use to support any definition. I hadn't noticed the term before, but I see that the examples of use are plentiful.
    EL PASO (krwg) - The 214th Fires Brigade is conducting convoy and transport operations between Lawton, Oklahoma and El Paso, Texas, culminating in live-fire
    Massive Fort Bliss Training Exercises Through March (KRWG 90.7 - Feb 15, 2011)

    His family recently participated in the ceremonial pinning as he accepted his new rank and it had special meaning for his 20-year-old daughter, Kate, who is now in the Guard herself, a specialist in the fires brigade while attending OU. Brigadier general has sense of service, responsibilityDoris Wedge - Feb 13, 2011)​
    (Norman Transcript -
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