firmar la renuncia - prison context

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    Please can anyone advise of the meaning and accurate translation of the above in the following context. I am translating an article about the current situation of Basque prisoners in Spain. The writer describes the situation 20 years ago as "o firmas la renuncia o te mueres en la carcel". I've read most of the other "renuncia" threads here but they all refer to resigning from work. I am not sure if in this context the meaning is of confession (of a crime) or renouncing of membership of an organisation (e.g. a Basque group). Can anyone advise of the correct term?
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    Hard to say...
    It does seem odd to "sign the confession of a crime" and avoid jail. If you admit to a crime, then you'll likely go to jail. My guess is that "firmas" means signing a document stating that you'll renounce/give up/quit membership/association/participation in an organization (Basque group): sign this or you'll die/rot in jail. If there is no specific document to sign, then "firmas" is figurative rather than literal. something like: give it up or you'll rot in jail.
    Let's see if anyone is more familiar with this article and the usage of "o firmas"

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