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    no, I am not asking what goes after the third chapter, I know it would be a fourth chapter

    what I am asking about what expressions to use to avoid keeping numbering then. In the introduction of a section of my thesis, which is divided into several chapters, I want to introduce what I am going to talk about, therefore the :
    - In the first chapter the arrive of Superman is told...
    - The second chapter describe how was his first years
    - In the chapter "after", as Superman goes to university ...
    - In the chapter "after", the woman of his life appear and he fall in ...

    (by the way, my thesis is not about superman, I wish, but I didn't want to bored you so much)

    so, what sort of expressions can I use for that cases ?

    plenty of thanks in advance.
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    There's nothing wrong with organizing the introduction to a thesis so that each paragraph begins with "In Chapter X" or "Chapter X describes ..." However, if you really don't want to do that, you can use:

    "In the next chapter"
    "In the following chapter"
    "In the chapter after that"

    Those are a few suggestions. I don't want to make a complete list. (One of the forum rules is that we don't make lists.) This should get you started.

    (By the way, unless it's a really long thesis like a doctoral dissertation, it would probably have sections rather than chapters.)

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