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Dear all
As far as I know "striper" means a member of armed forces wearing stripes.
However, in the following context, taken from "Newsreel XLVII" in "The Big Money" by Dos Passos, especially coming after "first class", grouped with "finisher", it seems to have a different definition. Any idea?​

in bank that chooses its officers from the ranks, for wideawake ambitious bookkeeper. . . architectural draftsman with experience on factory and industrial buildings in brick, timber and reinforced concrete. . . bronze fitter . . . letterer. . . patternmaker . . . carriage painter. . . first class striper and finisher . . .​
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    I vote for it being something to do with painting cars, as in this reference:

    He worked as a painter and striper at the Fisher Body Company that later became the Buick Division of GM.
    What exactly, I don't know: painting go-faster stripes down the sides?


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    I considered that, Dimcl. It is certainly a possibility. One of the first things I did was search Google for "striper and finisher." Two hits came from two different books, both citing the same Dos Passos passage and corroborating the "striper" spelling."striper+and+finisher"&btnG=Google+Search

    However, I did find these in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (now a discontinued publication, replaced by O*Net:

    Striper (furniture) 749.684-014
    STRIPER (paper goods) 651.682-018
    STRIPER, HAND (any industry) 740.484-010
    STRIPER, MACHINE (motor-bicycles) 749.686-010
    STRIPER, SPRAY GUN (any industry) 741.687-022
    Last-Code Striper (wood prod., nec) 740.684-022
    mechanical striper (any industry) 741.687-022
    GROOVER-AND-STRIPER OPERATOR (wood prod., nec) 669.685-102

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