first-mover+in presence+up-front+technology adoption life cycle (Marketing)


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Hola, si necesito ayuda para estos términos... lo he buscado y nada...

in presence
Technology Adoption Life Cycle

De antemano, muchas gracias :rolleyes:
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    andreclau said:
    Hola, si necesito ayuda para estos términos... lo he buscado y nada...

    in presence
    Technology Adoption Life Cycle

    De antemano, muchas gracias :rolleyes:

    Hola Andreclau--
    Noto que sigues sufriendo esta traducción. Pues vamos a ver...
    Si me permites, te explico lo que pueda en inglés, y después si nos ocurre una traducción...

    first-mover is the first entrant or participant in a maket or market segment. Typically it gains a strong competitive advantage, even when later entrants have superior products. Here's a quote from a business journal that gives an idea of the typical use of the phrase:

    "...nothing can make up for first-mover advantage, and the proof is that Yahoo! remains where it is today and eBay remains where it is, despite the entry of many other companies into those vertical categories."

    Here's a bit of etymological speculation...It seems highly plausible to me:

    "the phrase first-mover advantage derives from the board game Monopoly, where the first person to "move into" a property with houses, hotels, etc. has a big advantage (especially on the more expensive properties)."

    up-front This simply means direct, honest , straightforward. I suspect it has another meaning, but since you, AndreClau, have committed the cardinal sin of the translator--not providing any context--I cannot go further.
    "He's an up front guy. You can believe whatever he says."
    Oh well, I suppose I can offer a few alternatives, despite your sin of omission:
    Up front [usually without the hyphen, and sometimes as a single word with no space: Upfront]= In advance. "The upfront ticket sales left few concert seats available for the night of the performance." In this and similar uses, I would translate it as "de antemano".

    The Technology Adoption Life Cycle is viewed as a bell-curve, representing the opportunity to sell products into a given market. Moving from left to right, one sixth of the curve is the Early Market, one third is the Early Majority, one third is the Late Majority, and one sixth is the Laggards.

    Ciclo de adopción de (nueva) tecnología?????

    In presence= en la presencia de

    "I would more accurately translate the marketing balderdash in presence of some slight bit of setting, context, or other clue as to its role in the linguistic theatre." he said, forlornly.

    I hope this has been of some use to you, AC.

    un saludo,


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    No estoy muy segura, pero creo que
    "first-mover" significa el primer a entrar en el mercado,
    así como "up-most" sería "gerencia, dirección, o ejecutivos".....

    Si estoy mal, adelante a corregirme...porfa!


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    Cucho, I see you too notice when something in the source language is bolderdash. I'm writing this because in another "marketing" thread I just called the original text "gobbledy-gook" and opined that translators can and should assert themselves and retranslate it into something, basically, more human.

    I always question myself after giving a negative opinion about some portion of the communicated request for help on a translation. I focused on the originators of the original text in English in my case, and brought up the issue of the translator's responsibility to not be part of the chain of propagation of bad writing into another language. I may have sounded ascerbic in some passages; I don't think so. But seeing that I am not the only one to see the property of bolderdash, as you put it, in the source text, I feel the issue was not irrelevant.
    I don't expect I changed any opinions or the world, though.