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SIA refers to Singpore Airlines. Does the combination mean SIA's first using new plane models in comparison with its competitors?
An advantage of SIA’s constant first mover introduction is the significant impact from substantial media exposure and international recognition.
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    "First-mover" is a business economics and marketing term. A first-mover is a trader who is the first to move into a particular area of a market. Generally, I suppose, a first-mover might also be a trader who makes a point of doing this in the various markets in which they trade.

    SIA's "First-mover introduction" seems to mean that they have introduced a policy of attempting to be the first to move into markets, or to be the first to introduce innovations into existing ones.

    We can't say if this has anything to do with new planes as there is no context to go by. We would need some background to this statement to be able to answer that.
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