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In the description of a online betting site, there is a section dedicated to NFL and NCAA proposition rule. It states :

For all Football Propositions involving receiving yards on first reception or longest reception for a specific player, that player must play for action.

I do not really understand this sentence, but my suggestion is as follows:
Pour toutes les propositions de football impliquant la réception de yards lors de la première réception ou de la réception la plus longue pour un joueur spécifique, il est nécessaire de jouer pour participer à l’action.

Any help gratefully received.

  • Novanas

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    Hello, duocentrino! I'm not completely sure I understand this. My son and I have looked at this. We both know American football pretty well, and he has experience in a betting shop, but it's still not clear to us.

    First of all, we're assuming that "proposition" here means a "bet".

    Then, I'm not sure that "receiving yards" is accurately translated by "la réception de yards". Perhaps "la réception en yards"? That is, the number of yards gained (le nombre de métres avancé) after a reception.

    We cannot make any sense of the last part of the sentence--"that player must play for action." We assume that it means that if you have bet on a player, but that player doesn't actually get in the game, then the bet is off (nul). But if that is in fact what it means, it's very poorly worded. Perhaps you can check that and see if that's exactly what is written.

    Otherwise, I think your understanding of the sentence is good. This isn't an easy one.
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