First recorded use of the Spanish word "estadounidense"

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    When did the Spanish word "estadounidense" first appear in print? When was it recognized by the RAE?

    I suspect that the word gained currency in the 1960's -- probably first in Latin America. Though it was likely bandied about by Spanish-speaking intellectuals for decades prior to its appearance in mainstream Spanish-language publications.

    Does anyone know anything definite about the word's history?
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    The first time it appeared in the DRAE was in the 1956 edition. That's all I know.
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    This is an interesting question. I don't know the answer but, as a first approach, you can search in Google Books. Its inventory of Spanish books is not very big, but at least it can help you to put a higher limit on the date.

    Be warned: you will have to dismiss many results, because the date shown is wrong. I have been able to find "La diplomacia de Yrigoyen", from Lucio M. Moreno Quintana, writen in 1928 ( I have confirmed the date on
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    Gracias, Dr. Quizá. Good start. 1956 in the DRAE -- that's earlier than I expected. I know that H.L. Mencken was aware in 1947 (American Speech, volume XXII, number 4) that some in Latin America were not happy about having to use the Spanish word "americano" to signify "U.S. citizen." I don't know if Mencken had heard the Spanish word "estadounidense" or if in 1947 the word had yet appeared.
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    Cebolleta -- so the earliest recorded appearance now is 1928. So much for my theory about the word's connection to 1960's politics. Good work, Cebolleta!
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    Now this is interesting. From the Revista bimestre cubana (Volume 16, Num. 3, 1921): "Por esto la Unión Panamericana, de Washington, organismo que corresponde, paralelamente, a la Unión Ibero Americana de Madrid, ha inventado y propaga en su magazine mensual, la palabra estadounidense. Un publicista español lanzó otra: estadunitano. Ambos son vocablos que, aceptada la atonomasia, universalmente reconocida, de Estados Unidos, están formados como gentilicios de acuerdo con las sanas leyes del idioma, aunque preferimos la nacida en Washington por más eufónica."

    Found on Google books after searching on the string "la palabra estadounidense."

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