first, second and third foreign language (subjects)

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  1. mela33 Senior Member

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    hi all,

    Is it correct to say "first foreign language, second foreign language, third foreign language".

    They all refer to subjects.

    In Spanish, it is "primera lengua estrangera, segunda lengua estrangera y tercera lengua estrangera".

    Thanks a million!
  2. Idiomático Senior Member

    Virginia, USA
    Latin American Spanish
    It's OK to say Spanish is my first/second/third foreign language. Most people whose native language is English say Spanish is my second/third/fourth language. In other words, they count English as their first language and omit foreign.
  3. greenheyes Senior Member

    British English (Cheshire)
    Yes, it is correct in English, but it is extranjera in Spanish.
  4. mela33 Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    thanks a million!

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