First three words of a song titled "זאפה"?

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there is a song that I suppose is sung in Yemenite Hebrew pronunciation, I got the approval of the moderator amikama to post that song, the link of that song is the following:
Can you tell me the first three words of the song in question? The first word seems to me to be "לילה".
  • This is in (Jewish?) Yemeni Arabic, not Hebrew. I'm pretty sure the second word is الحين (Judeo-Arabic spelling אלחין) meaning "now". I can't make out much else.
    Drink, thak you for the answer!
    Is the first word of the song in question "לילה"? If yes, is the word "לילה" a Yemeni Arabic word too?
    About the second word: if I would write the second word I think I would write "תלגעינ" or "תלגעינו" (I don't know if "תלגעינ" or "תלגעינו" means something), I'm not sure if the sound of the letter "ת" that I hear is part of the first word or the second word. The sound that I think you wrote as "ח" seems to me to be a "ג" without daghesh pronounced in Yemenite Hebrew pronunciation, then I hear the "ע" pronounced in Yemenite Hebrew pronunciation.

    If I was wrong to ask things about a non Hebrew song in this section, I apologize! If the moderators decide to close the thread or delete it, it's okay with me. I thought that the song in question could be a Hebrew song because of three facts:
    - that song is in a video about Yemenite Jews;
    - the name of the singer;
    - the first word of that song that seemed to me to be Hebrew, I don't know if that word is Hebrew too.
    Perhaps I should have apologized from the beginning not being sure if the song in question was Hebrew, I apologize if I should have apologized from the beginning.
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    It's hard to make out, it could be either "לילה ?? אלחין" or "לילת אלחין" or even "לילאת אלחין". Yes, לילה is an Arabic word with the same meaning as in Hebrew. But it's grammar is slightly different as its construct state is לילת, unlike Hebrew. The plural is לילאת like Hebrew לילות.

    She says: לילת אלחנא טוילה
    which is in Hebrew ליל החינה ארוך
    Meaning that the night of the Henna is long.
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