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I was in Vegas when Lehman Brothers folded. It was my birthday ... and it was the first time I’d ever lost big there. I should have known something wicked was coming, but I didn’t. So when my consulting contract didn’t get renewed, I didn't panic.

(This comes from Why working in a car-wash (at age 44) was the best thing that could have happened to me. by Michael Aumock on Oct 6, 2014. "I" was in luxury goods and hospitality, and consulted with companies catering to high-net worth individuals.)

I wanted to know if "there" refer to "Lehman Brothers". For example, maybe I made investment in Lehman Brothers, or consulted with Lehman Brothers, so I lost big money.

Thanks in advance!
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    It is just possible. The implied location could be 'in Lehman Brothers', i.e. in Lehman Brothers stock. But I think much more likely is an ordinary location: in Vegas. The implication is they'd gambled in Vegas before and never lost badly, but they happened to be there when they heard about Lehman Brothers, which they did have a big loss from.


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    He is saying he had never lost big gambling in Las Vegas before and in hindsight he should have realized it was an omen for other, bigger, problems.

    "There" is Vegas, i.e. Las Vegas - the gambling capital of the United States.
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