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What does "firsty" mean in these two examples?

“Long years, drifting without other purpose, I had searched for that hale companion of my lost childhood, no one but a firsty, busty old nursemaid, very simple-minded, very simple, the salt of common sense, her red hair gleaming to show that quick temper she always had, that impatience with which she would dismiss all shades and phantoms, even herself should she become one, for self-pity was not her meat, not her drink.”

“My mother was oblivious to the realities of flesh and blood, those creatures of chance, apparently even to Miss MacIntosh, loud-mouthed though she was, unimaginative, no possible rival in the world of invisible dreams, the prosaic, firsty, busty old nursemaid with reddening cheeks, her red, marcelled hair gleaming like the sand streaked with sunset when the sandpipers wade in the glassy surf as the last light fades, her footsteps always certain, the last person who would ever disappear, the moral guide to the pale, rejected child whose eyes had not craved reality.”

Excerpt From: Marguerite Young. “Miss MacIntosh, My Darling.” Apple Books.
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