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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Long before I met Ayele Bojia in the Bethesda parking garage, I was aware that I brought a heterodox value set to column writing. I could put my core values on a bumper sticker, but I would need your whole bumper: I am a socially liberal, deeply patriotic, pluralism-loving, community-oriented, fiscally moderate, free-trade-inclined, innovation-obsessed environmentalist-capitalist.

fiscal | Definition of fiscal in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Relating to government revenue, especially taxes.
‘monetary and fiscal policy’

North American Relating to financial matters.
‘the domestic fiscal crisis’

North American Denoting a financial year.
‘the budget deficit for fiscal 1996’

So what does fiscally moderate mean?

Thank you.
  • sdgraham

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    If I say "I'm fiscally moderate," it means that I am in favor of paying taxes to support a moderate level of government services.

    "Moderate," of course, depends upon the outlook of the individual.


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    If it's tied to services provided. One town in California raised taxes so the officials could pay themselves outrageous salaries.

    Thomas Tompion

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    Thank you, sdgraham.
    So it is more or less the same as moderate level of taxation/moderate taxation?
    I suspect it has also to do with the use of fiscal policy (taxes and government expenditure) in the regulation of the economy. Fiscal policy, monetary policy (to do with Money Stock and interest rates), and direct controls (price controls, quota restrictions, etc) are the three main ways in which the government controls the economy.

    Being fiscally moderate can also indicate that one favours a small role (Government Spending on newly-produced goods and services as a %age of the GDP) for the government in the economy - this varies considerably by country: USA 38%, UK 41%, France 56%. Some people think that this is why government services are so good in France.


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    For comparison, as a general rule, the Republicans are considered to be on the fiscal conservative side of politics and the Democrats on the liberal side. His point, which includes other things that he mentions in his self-description, is that he is not on either end of the political spectrum. He tries to stay somewhere in the middle on many issues.
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