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fishing bottom trawling

Discussion in 'English Only' started by gmartinez, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. gmartinez

    gmartinez New Member

    spanish // Spain
    I need again your help:
    how does "fishing bottom trawling " sound to you?
    It's about a kind of bottom trawling, wich its activity is fishing.
    Thanks a lot
  2. Kelly B

    Kelly B Senior Member

    USA English
    It sounds redundant to me, but a sentence would be helpful.
  3. nycphotography

    nycphotography Senior Member

    I do be learnin stuff
    John-Paul Miller, NYC
    Trawling = fishing by pulling bait (or possibly nets??) from a moving boat.

    Bottom fishing = fishing on the bottom (and has other metaphorical meanings too).

    Generally, you don't trawl on the bottom because you tend to get caught on things and lose your tackle.

    So far as I know.
  4. timpeac

    timpeac Senior Member

    English (England)
    Like an arrestable offence.

    Gmartinez - you need to give a bit more context - describing "fishing bottom trawling" by "bottom trawling which is fishing" doesn't help much!;)

  5. Hi Gmartinez,

    The correct phrase is 'bottom-trawl fishing'' - trawlers go out with their nets lowered and dragging across the sea bed. They are fishing for the flat fish which feed there, fish like plaice, sole, flounder, turbot and halibut.

    This practice causes serious damage to the oceans' ecology.

  6. gmartinez

    gmartinez New Member

    spanish // Spain
    Hi LRV!
    Thanks a lot, you 've understand exactly what I wanted to say,...
    And... I've got the same opinion about this kind of fishing.

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