1. LaCigognePerchée Senior Member


    Comment traduire ce terme (on est au bord de la mer) : barrage de pêche ? déversoir de pêche ? bassin de pêche ?
    Je suppose qu'il s'agit d'une sorte d'enclos dans lequel on "emprisonne" les poissons ?
    Comme je ne sais pas monter une ligne, je suis réduite à faire appel à des fans...
    Merci !:D
  2. Kelly B

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    USA English
  3. LaCigognePerchée Senior Member

    Oh sorry, I didn't found it on linguee... But it sounds pretty good !
    Thank you so much Kelly :):thumbsup:
  4. La vita e bella Member

    I like "pêcherie fixe" from Termium, the Canadian Government Translation Service. See:

    WEIR [7 records] - TERMIUM Plus® — Search - TERMIUM Plus®

    I've seen them at various spots along le fleuve Saint-Laurent in Canada going downriver from Montréal towards the Golfe du Saint-Laurent. You can see pictures here:


    The OQLF (provincial government) uses the term "pêches à fascines" which is equally as good. Lucky you—you have a choice.
  5. Keith Bradford

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    Brittany, NW France
    English (Midlands UK)
    I've just translated a booklet on this; on the islands of Oléron and Ré, they are called écluses à poissons. These are horseshoe-shaped. When the tide comes in they fill up; as it falls the fish are left behind and they are then netted.

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