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Hey there,

I'm looking for some terms regarding fishing. Do you make any difference between fishing for fun and fishing to get by? I mean, are they called the same?

What if one of your friends is going fishing and you'd like to wish him good luck, what would you say?

Have a good catch?

Thank you!
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  • Egoexpress

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    - Hi what do you do for the living?
    - I'm commercial fisherman?

    Does it sound ok?:)


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    Well, if you do it for a living then it's assumed that you are engaged in commercial fishing. So, you'd probably just answer "I'm a fisherman."

    If you ask someone what they do for a living and they say "I'm a soccer player" or "I'm a clown," you assume that these are professions and not just hobbies.


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    I don't know what you mean by "to get by."

    Here in the Pacific Northwest:

    Sport fishing = Fishing for the fun of it although you or somebody else will eat what you catch.
    Commercial fishing = You intend to sell your catch, although you might eat some.
    Subsistence fishing = You eat all of what you catch and you depend on it for at least part of your diet. (Provided for in Alaska, for example.)


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    "getting by" means to financially survive the everydays in my dictionary, well then my dictionary seems to be wrong?
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