1. Yas Member

    Spain (Spanish)
    Hi everybody!

    Let's see if you can help me to translate "fisticuffs" in this sentence:

    "But for all that he needs to push ahead with reform, fisticuffs or no".

    I know that both "fist" and "cuff" could have the meaning of "puño(s)", but I don't know if translate it as "peleando" or how to do it... The thing is that I'm neither sure if I'm getting the meaning or not...

  2. Focalist Senior Member

    European Union, English
    Hi, Yas.

    Yes, you have the right idea ("fisticuffs" is "puñetazos"): however, the possibility of fighting refers, I feel, more to the reaction to the reform than to the means of implementing it.

    I would say that in this context "fisticuffs or not" means "whether or not it provokes a violent reaction".

  3. Chaucer Senior Member

    US inglés/español
    fisticuffs or no = pelea a puñetazos o no (?)

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