fit/serve/obey/bring other needs

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  1. Hey, I´m trying to get myself ready to get through the CAE exam of cambridge. Then, I came across with some doubts:

    1- And to fit/serve/obey/bring other needs of the reading public, the library would also include...
    In this one I was wondering wether to choose serve or not but i finally chose fit. The correct answer is serve what IMO makes sense but I dont know why fit is not correct there.

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    I'm sure you could make an argument for "fit," but serve is a better answer. In my opinion, the most common phrase would be "to meet the needs of the reading public."
  3. yep exactly i´ve always heard about sentences like "meet the needs", even though the others are correct too.
    Ok thanks that I meant that both are correct but serve is more suitable though in this case
  4. how about the second one anyway?

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