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Hi friends,

I have some doubts as to the meaning of the sentence below, particularly the red word:

Even today, if you wanted true quality clothes you needed a human in the style and fitting loop.

The text is science fiction and clothes in the future are machine-made. The character, however, is happy with the quality of his suit so this sentence reflects his thoughts.

My sartorial :) vocabulary, however, fails me at this point, because I don't seem to understand just what "loop" means here :confused:

Any help is appreciated.
  • Myridon

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    Loop doesn't refer to the clothing. It is "a human is needed in the loop when it comes to style and fitting". A human is needed as part of the process.


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    To keep someone in the loop is to keep them in the process of whatever is going on. Are you in the loop? (Do you know what's going on?) Another expression is Keep me in the loop (keep me informed).

    So here it's saying that machines (I assume) aren't enough if you want true quality clothes. You need a human being somewhere in the process.

    Edit: I see simultaneous agreement between Myridon and me... we're obviously in the loop. :)
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