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S.King. The Dreamcatcher.

'We have some injuries,' Owen replied, 'but basically five-by'

What does it mean?
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    Several gunships had been attacked by aliens. One of the gunships had lost (or got injured) some of their crew, another had crashed. Owen is a commander of one of the attacked gunships.
    Can it mean like a short version of five-by-five = OK?
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    Earlier in the book, one of the characters uses the expression "five-by-five." "Don't worry, Pete. Everything's five-by-five."
    Five by five - Wikipedia
    "Five by five" (occasionally written "'5 by 5", "five-by-five", "5 × 5", "5-by-5" or even just "Fives"), by extension, has come to mean "I understand you perfectly" in situations other than radio communication. Further shortened forms are "five by", "fivers" and "fifers". Post-World War II, the phrase "loud and clear" entered common usage with a similar meaning.
    King seems to be using it to mean "fine, excellent, perfect" which is slightly different than what Wikipedia says.


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    It's also used to mean everything is okay or in order. "Dreamcatcher" frequently references the Alien film franchise (especially the use of "Ripley" after Sigourney Weaver's lead character). There is a line in Aliens (1986) where Corporal Ferro says "In the pipe, five by five" to indicate the ship is on course right before she is gorily dispatched by an alien.
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