Five star hotel over dinner [Five-star hotel. Over dinner.]

Discussion in 'English Only' started by oswal, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. oswal Member

    What does one mean when he says "Five star hotel over dinner"

    I came across this phrase on a T.V advertisement ,a person saying this while planning for his date.
  2. Miss Julie

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    What is the entire sentence that was said? We need the entire context to help you, and this phrase is taken out of context.
  3. oswal Member

    This a T.v commercial , where a person is discussing with his friend as to where to take her girl friend to propose , the advertisement starts with 2 person sitting on the couch and one friend saying " five star hotel over dinner".

  4. Keith Bradford

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    "Five star hotel. Over dinner".

    This means "I will propose to her at a five-star hotel during dinner."

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  5. Imber Ranae Senior Member

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    It's hard for me to imagine any question to which the answer "Five star hotel. Over dinner" wouldn't sound odd. Certainly "At a five star hotel. Over dinner", or perhaps even "A five star hotel. Over dinner" would work if the question were "Where do you plan to propose to her?", for example.
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  6. gramman

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    Mr. Bradford, you have an ear for, er …, I mean an eye for written dialogue that I lack. I was thinking that this was one sentence. The literal meaning, of course, is the same, but it seems very likely that the line was written and spoken as two sentences, to provide a stylistic effect.
  7. tomtombp Senior Member

    It means to me: Propose your girlfriend in a five star hotel, while having dinner. "over dinner"=while having dinner.
  8. Copyright

    Copyright Senior Member

    American English
    I don't have a problem with a single fragment rather than two fragments related to where and how to propose:

    Five-star hotel over dinner.

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