"fix one's make up" ??


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Just imagine a woman sitting at a table, wearing make-up already and as she has just finished eating she feels the need to "re-apply the make-up" (since my question is how to say that in English I had to use quotation marks). How would she say that? I didn't know how to search for that "phrase" so I ended up here :) . I have only found "fix one's make up" but that turned up only two results in google, so what is the colloquial way of saying that?

Thanks in advance
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    Haha! I guess my mistake was to put quotation marks around - I'd better go fix my make up- ...thats why I ended up getting only two results..:)

    Well, is there any other alternative way of saying it? (Just out of curiosity)


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    I think one can also touch up their make-up. I guess it involves a correction only.
    "I touched up my make up a bit before the ceremony - but it really held up well throughout the day. Professional make up always does better than DIY make up."
    Source: MrsK2be's comment (#6) for the question: "HELP!...At what time should i have my make-up and hair done for a 5:30 ceremony?"


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    Personally, I don't feel a need to fix or redo makeup generally after eating in a restaurant, since I use only my mouth for eating. I might well reapply or refresh my lipstick. (Note that makeup is one word, not hyphenated and not two words.)


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    A typical phrase that is used when a woman wants to excuse herself from the table after dinner is, "I have to go powder my nose," even though most women don't wear powder any more. It's a standard euphemism for an excuse to go to the ladies' room.
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