fix some sh***t

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The speaker is addressing "the rich":
You can't just stroll around town dressed like this [showing luxurious clothings] and live in houses like this [showing a luxurious house] when there are millions of peasants who don't have enough to eat. They will eventually try to cut your heads off, and judging by the mood I'm picking up on social media right now, if you don't fix some shit and make life better for the masses, they are gonna cut your fucking heads off.
What's Wrong with Capitalism (Part 1), video by ContraPoints

I wonder, why it is "some", and not "this/that shit"... Does "some" here really mean "some of the shit I've mentioned", or does it just mean "certain"?

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    I think the things he mentions are just two of the "some" things that need to be fixed – there are more things to fix than just wardrobe and shelter.
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