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Pavel Pin

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Molly, who runs a poker game, says to Shelly, who plays poker and also bought original Monet painting has temporary collateral:

Molly: Fix this up, come on back, and I'll extend you credit tonight up to one and a half.
Shelly: You're a very beautiful woman.
Molly: Please be careful with the painting.

What is the meaning of "Fix this up"?
Source: Molly's Game 2017
  • Uncle Jack

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    British English
    Are there no clues? Is "this" the painting; we cannot tell from the quote? "Fix" and "up" have such a wide range of meanings it is difficult to guess.

    It clearly is something that won't take very long, since he'll have finished it before she extends him credit tonight. And it is something he needs to go away to do. The most likely thing I can think of is arrange the sale of the painting. He won't actually sell it (for then he would not need credit), but it is probably related to money he will receive in the future.

    Of course, it could be he is to mix the cocktail she has just asked for, or he should hang the painting on the wall.
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