"fix up" a box with a pillow and a blanket


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It is a sentence from the book "if you give a mouse a cookie."
The picture shows that the main character builds a small house for the mouse to take a rest.

"You'll have to fix up a little box for him with a blanket and a pillow."

I understand "fix up" means "repair," but I feel it means "build" here.
Or does "fix up" imply anything here?

Thank you.
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    “Fix” here means “prepare” or “make” – like “fix dinner.” “Up” is quite often added, as in “fix up the house” (where it does mean “repair”) – but we don’t “fix up dinner.”


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    To fix up also has the sense of "to make something better." To provide a box for a mouse to rest in is an okay place, but if you put a pillow and a blanket in it then you've fixed it up to be quite a nice little place.
    By the way, I have read that book to my children many times.:)


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    Thank you, Copyright and WyomingSue.

    I can improve my english by reading english books to my kid.

    So if I use "fix a box" instead of "fix up a box," does it sound strange?
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