Fix up (meaning: improve the appearance)

Xavier da Silva

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Hello everyone,

My wife and I recently hired someone to improve the appearance of our store. We basically had the store painted outside, to make it more attractive. Nothing else was done. My question: does the phrasal verb "fix up" sound natural/correct in this context?

An example I made:

We had our store fixed up. We hired someone to paint it.

Thank you in advance!
  • Scholiast

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    Sounds AmE to me (Brit), as does "hired someone to...". And it might be understood to mean a more comprehensive overhaul of your store's facilities or display than has in fact been undertaken. But the meaning is entirely clear.


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    American English
    I think I would use "spruced up" for a paint job. "Fixed up" implies, to me, more than cosmetic work; fixing door hinges, maybe repairing a sign.
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