fixer le pansement avec du sparadrap

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I was looking up "sparadrap" in the WR dictionary today and found the following example sentence: "L'infirmière a fixé le pansement avec du sparadrap."
What is the difference between un pansement and du sparadrap? (also, could one say "un sparadrap" instead?) I thought that "un pansement" and "un sparadrap" were the same thing but it looks like they must be different here.
Merci d'avance !
  • LeQi

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    French (France)
    "Un pansement" is something you use for "panser", i.e. treat and cover a wound. Sparadrap is more specifically an adhesive bandage.
    In common language, when people say "un pansement", they usually mean the adhesive (and pre-cut) bandage, but it doesn't have to be that.

    In your example, the nurse uses a piece a gauze or cloth or whatever and secures it with adhesive tape.
    Hope this helped!

    Uncle Bob

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    I think that in the UK one would commonly use the brand name "elastoplast"* for sparadrap (both the adhesive tape alone and the stuff with a lint pad in the middle) - but I may be out of date.

    *Just like "hoover" for vacuum cleaner.

    Kelly B

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    Or in US English, a band-aid, which is another abused registered trademark. Edited to add: it's common here to have a bit of gauze under a band-aid after a blood draw. But it looks like Sparadrap could be plain medical tape or an adhesive bandage...?
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