fixing ventilation to the ceiling

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I have found the following sentence:

At the time of the accident, the men were working on fixing ventilation to the ceiling of the mine.

here: Two dead in mining accident

(The source is Polish.)

Is it correct to say that somebody was fixing ventilation to something?
  • Andygc

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    British English
    Yes, that's an acceptable way of saying "ventilation ducting and associated equipment".

    I've never heard of a mine having a ceiling. Mine tunnels and workings have a "roof".


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    English - U.S.
    "Fixing" in this sense is mostly British English. In American English, we'd probably say "attaching ventilation."

    However, I'm not as happy as Andygc with the phrase "fix/attach ventilation." Ventilation is a activity - providing fresh air to someone or something - not an object. One can attach ventilation fans, ventilation ducts, or other objects that help provide ventilation, but one cannot attach ventilation itself. This may be my personal taste, but I'd rewrite that so it is clearer about what, precisely, is being attached.
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