fizz all over

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Hello All,
I have no idea what the highlighted sentence below might mean.
The usage of 'irrelevance' and the verb 'fizz' are confusing me.
Can anybody help?
Unfortunately I don't have an attempt as I really did not understand anything.

John took my hand. I felt suddenly dizzy. My gloriously attractive, powerful and downright sexual
boss – one of the only three men here tall enough to court me – was sitting on my bed holding my
hand. I fizzed all over, suddenly helpless, broken leg an irrelevance.
  • You are right. Sorry.

    The girl is telling the story. She is recovering at the hospital at the moment after an accident.
    When she wakes up first time, after she got hospitalised, she finds this guy she knows sitting next to her.
    She gets confused, she is not sure to be happy or sad as this guy is the person she is in love with.
    And he is her boss too.
    She understands slowly that an accident happened and notices the broken leg then and there.

    Hope this helps?
    Yes, but we're asking for the source (origin), which you're supposed to supply each time you post a thread according to WR rules. :)

    Did you write this yourself, overhear it, see it in a test, in a book or newspaper? If so what book, what newspaper, etc. Where does this story come from???
    It is from a book called 'A Passionate Love Affair'.

    I am aware of the rules.
    That is why I tried to share a context.

    However, as you may know, sometimes the meaning spreads so vastly within the chapter that
    you should read the whole thing.

    I do not think before or after parts/ paragraphs of this sentence is more explanatory than the part I've already shared above.
    If it is not clear with this much of a paragraph, I am afraid there is nothing we can do.
    Thank you for your time.


    I think, with the context provided, "she fizzed all over" means she experienced a feeling of intense excitement because she woke up to find the man she was in love with sitting next to her and holding her hand.
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    Barque, thank you so very much.

    I have a deadline to catch and I am working so hard these days (day and night)
    that it feels like my brain often stops working. So, I really appreciate all the help.
    Only now I have read the whole paragraph once more and you might be right.

    Even if I need to translate it to another language, I'll try to explain my whereabouts in English:
    Suddenly I felt helpless yet very excited, so much so that my broken leg didn't matter any more.
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