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She got the yo-yo going back and front, making the red wooden Duncan look like a Bo-Lo Bouncer Richie had had once. She finished with two Around the Worlds (almost hitting a shuffling old lady, who glared at them). The yo-yo ended up in her cupped palm, its string neatly rolled around its spindle.
‘<...>. First time in my life I did two Around the Worlds in a row without fizzing out.’
Source: It by Stephen King

In this scene, Bev is showing off her yo-yo skills to Richie. She does the Around the World. I guess this is a yo-yo manoeuvre with a spherical (global) trajectory.

What does fizz out mean in this context as the literal definition of gas fizzing (bubbling) does not seem to apply. Interetsingly, the expression frizzle out (to gradually end in a disappointing or weak way) according to Cambridge Dictionary seem to be a relevant fit.
Is it possible that the passage has typo? It should have been fizzle out and not fizz out.

Thank you.
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