fizzy Busby Berkeley extravaganza

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New York Times, "The former headquarters of Lehman Brothers is clearly visible two blocks north of the Duffy Square steps, as if to underscore the point. But the stairway itself is so bright and so polished that visitors could be convinced they had stepped momentarily out of 2008 and onto the set of some fizzy Busby Berkeley extravaganza."

Does fizzy here mean full of energy or exuberance; lively (Oxford Dictionary, or good; cool. (
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    I've never noticed it being used that way. This sort of usage can quickly slip in and out of fashion.


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    I'd take it to mean something like the non-literal meaning of frothy, i.e. 'light, insubstantial as bubbles'. Busby Berkeley was renowned for producing entertainments that were dazzling to the eye rather than taxing to the brain: example.
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