Flack catchers

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This is from the serie Weed I believe. Daddy is giving a masturbation lesson to his boy.

You can find it here http://www.hark.com/clips/zjtsbthzfd-tissues-perfectly-acceptable-backstop-for-all-that-creamy-italian

I am not sure I understand the term flack catcher. Can somebody enlighten me on this please?

Here is the excerpt. This adult material so if you are a kid stop reading.

"Tissues, perfectly acceptable backstop for all that creamy Italian. Can be rough and dry on such soft sensitive skin, not to mention it can stick to your dick head like a fucking band aid. Ouch. From there, we move on to more lubricated flack catchers, specifically, bananas."

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    I've watched that episode of Weeds. It's pretty funny, by the way.

    flack = ejaculate

    As far as I know in this context.

    The bananas (whether microwaved or not) can serve as a receptacle for depositing your ejaculate when you are masturbating, as many a young or older lad frequently does.


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    "Flak" is often used as a general term for anything that is shot out of anything. It was originally an abbreviation of the German word for anti-aircraft fire, which dates back to World War II.

    "Flack" is an error. There is a word "flack." It means "promoter" or "public relations agent." It is unrelated to what is being discussed here, though it became a common misspelling for "flak" because the ending "ck" is far more common than just "k" in English.
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