flag-bottomed rocking chair

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Hi, everyone, please look at this:

"...glossy green wood chairs,old and firm; a small flag-bottomed rocking chair, with a patchwork cushin in it, neatly contrived out of small pieces of different colored wollen goods, and a larger sized one, motherly and old, whose wide arms breathed hospitable invitation, seconded by the solicitation of its feather cushions,--a real comfortable, persuasive old chair, and worth, in the way of honest, homely enjoyment, a dozen of your plush or brochetelle drawing-room gentry."
link here please.

I want to ask what does a flag-bottomed rocking-chair look like? And the solicitation of its feather cushions,what is that refering to?(why "solicitation"?:confused: )
why the chair is persuasive?Does that mean the chair is of high quality and most comfortble that is so indispensable for a warm home?

Thanks for your help in advance!
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    'solicitation of its feather cushions' suggests that the cushions were calling out in an an inviting way.

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    flag any of the various plants that have long sword like leaves especially the iris.
    I will guess that the chair has a seat woven of out of the leaves of a flag type plant.
    Solicitation is the noun form of the verb solicit.
    solicit to make a request, application or entreaty to (a person for business, support, etc).
    The feather cushions look so comfortable that they are virtually begging the person to sit on it.

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